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"Whip Coffee" originates from a region called Dak Mil in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, world famous for its Robusta coffee beans.


During the French Colonial era, Robusta were brought here and over the past 130 years, they have been perfected to provide the most unique style. Using the highest quality beans growing by our family in the mountain of Dak Mil, the roasting Whip team have designed the purest and boldness coffee flavors to
serve our customers across the world.

Maui the beautiful sound of the Ukulele, the peaceful ocean wave, the stunning sunset view of Kapalua and a cup of sublim coffee in the morning is just perfect !!!! 

It must be the complex smooth Whip designed blend of Maui coffee that we collaborated and worked on with love for years. This coffee is a combination of flavorful Maui island premium unique beans with the well-known and familiar Colombia Arabia that we want to share with everyone from every corner of the world.

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